Herida Argyll II Dynamic Mattress Replacement System

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Very High Risk, high end, specialised dynamic mattress replacement system with digital pump.

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The Herida – Argyll™ II is a high end, specialised dynamic mattress replacement system with digital pump, targeted towards the assistive treatment for patients who have existing and potentially severe pressure damage. This system is designed for those patients considered to be at very high risk of pressure injury development.

This product was initially designed with ease of use for those patients, who are considered to be very high risk, namely in an acute setting. However the product is well adapted for use in long term care, whether that be hospital or homecare setting. The 8 inch (200mm) high cells, cyclically inflate and deflate in an alternating pattern, thus providing direct pressure relief throughout the dynamic process. The multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover comprises of a high level coating of polyurethane, which makes it easy to clean, whilst complying with strict infection control procedure


  • CPR Function
  • Transport Function
  • Static mode
  • Alarm Function
    • Risk category Very High Risk
    • Fatigue Class Very Severe
    • Maximum Patient Weight 32.3 Stone or 205 kgs
    • Alternation cycle 1 in 2
    • Alternation time 10 – 12 minutes
    • Mattress Dimensions 200cm x 88cm x 20cm (suitable for most hospital/homecare beds)
    • Mattress Weight Less than 7kgs
    • Mattress Cover Coating 200-230g
    • Warranty 3 years – extended warranty available