My day with Lily…….

Well today I knew something was a little different as usually we start the day making sure Lily gets to that place called school, but this morning she stayed with me and we got extra cuddles. Sometimes if Lily isn’t feeling very well, she lies on the sofa watching the bright noisy box and needs lots of extra cuddles and licks but today she is bouncing around and looks to be full of energy so it isn’t that. What is going on?

Something is definitely different, and I couldn’t be happier, I’m on the way to mums works and guess what? Lily is in the car too! She has a bag full of coloured pens and paper and a small bright noisy box that she can carry around with her. I can’t contain my excitement this morning and even shout to Lily while in the car to let her know how happy I am. This makes Lily giggle, but I’m not sure my mum appreciates my lovely loud voice in the car.

We are here and Lily is getting out of the car and coming into the office with me. This is the best day ever! Lily, Pip and myself all pile into mum’s office after a really nice welcome from everyone. They all seemed especially pleased to see Lily. I get comfy in my warm bed with Pip under mums’ desk and Lily gets her books out and starts to do some colouring.

After a while Lily decides the girls in the office need her help. She’s happily putting paper orders in the trays and has a big smile on her face. I knew it was so much fun here at Care Corner but now I get to show Lily as well. It’s a very busy day today and the things on the desks are making lots of noise today, but all the girls are smiling and happy, I even get a quick tickle now and again if I sneak out when mum isn’t looking.

The smells coming from the office tell me its lunch time, but it looks like we are packing up to go somewhere else. I better pop in to see my friends in the office again just in case they have any leftover food I can help them with, I hate for anything to go to waste! After popping my head up to see each of the girls I trot back into mums’ office licking my face trying to hide any evidence of snacking!

After what feels like a busy and exciting morning its time to get back into the car and onto our next adventure.


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