Today was like any other day….

Lily, the small human that I live with, greeted me with my morning cuddles followed by a short trip to the back garden for toilet duties.

Breakfast is usually followed by a walk with Pip and Dad whilst Mum gets Lily ready for school.

Once I have made sure that Lily is safely escorted to school (I’m not quite sure what ‘school’ is but it is a building full of lots more small humans) it was time to go to work. I have been going with Mum to work each morning for as long as I can remember. It’s a relatively short journey each day. Myself and Pip go in the back of the car and watch over Mum until we get to the Care Corner Offices.

Work is a very large building. My first job of the day is to greet each member of staff as they arrive (you can find out more about each of them on my blog page). Once everyone has been individually greeted and checked for biscuits then it’s time for my security check of Mum’s office.  Mum’s office is a little bit like our home, I have a bed under her desk, toys and a water bowl although I have to share my toys with Pip. I like to hide my favourite ball from her but she always finds it.

Once everyone has arrived and the vast array of coffees and teas has been distributed its time to settle down and supervise the Diary Calls. Every day each staff member has a list of regular customers to ring to take their weekly orders. I normally listen in to a few, but it’s around now that a power nap is required….it has been a busy morning after all!

I get woken by Mum getting mine and Pips leads out of her bag, this can only mean one thing…its walk time! Each day Mike takes me and Pip out for a long walk. Mike is great, he gets me and Pip in the van and drives us a short distance before taking us both out for an explore and a run around.

By the time we get back to the office I am sooo tired I can barely keep my eyes open and even though the office staff are busy taking calls I feel another nap is called for…

It must be lunch time, an assortment of scents is filling my nostrils and making me hungry. I go to have a look round the office and see if any of the staff wants to share but my Mum tells me off and I go back into her office but keep a watchful eye in case someone drops something.

After lunch I like to have a walk around the warehouse and check all the parcels before they get loaded on the vans for delivery tomorrow, the warehouse staff are always very grateful of my help!

It’s very busy as usual with various sizes of boxes and parcels filling the loading bay. There are all sorts of items in the warehouse, I’m not sure what most of them are for but there are rows and rows of products, some are really small but there are some bigger than my dog bed! In fact, there are a couple of products that look surprising like big dog beds? I think I heard someone call them mattresses? One afternoon I will have to sneak off and see if I can have a little snooze on one of them!

Its then time to supervise while the boxes are loaded onto the vans. They are loaded in order of their destination. Apparently, it makes it easier for the driver to make his delivery drops when he sets off early tomorrow morning. Once everything has been safely loaded, I go back into the office to see how the office staff are doing. It looks like they are getting ready to go home for the day, I must admit I am starting to feel a bit sleepy again and it must be nearly tea time based on the growling noises coming from my tummy!

Once I have said goodbye to everyone it’s time to go home. Lily will be waiting and needs me to help her with her homework. Night all!